How is electrical force related to separation distance and charge?

You can change the location of each charge by dragging them back and forth. You can adjust the size of each charge with the controls above. The distance, charges, and forces are displayed below, and can be saved in the table by pressing Store Result.

Charge 1: Q1 = +μC         Charge 2: Q2 = +μC

Results: r = m          F1 = N           F2 = N          

r (m)Q1 (μC)Q2 (μC)F1 (N)F2 (N)

Requires a browser capable of Scalable Vector Graphics. Use Firefox, Chrome, or IE-9+. It's only been tested on Firefox, so YMMV on other browsers.
Written by: Jason Stark ( June 2012
Using jQuery SVG and EGrappler Smart spin
Released under CC-BY Attribution license.     Download source javascript.