EOC Algebra I Review

Topics for Review

The following topics represent the most important concepts to be assessed on the Louisiana EOC Algebra I.

Algebra (40%)

  • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
  • Find and explain relationship between zeros and factors of a polynomial
  • Create equations and inequalities that describe numbers/relationships
    • Use one-variable linear, quadratic, rational, and exponential functions to solve problems
    • Write two-variable (or more) equations and graph them
    • Represent constraints by a system of equations or inequalities and interpret solutions
    • Rearrange formulas to solve for one variable
  • Use reasoning to solve equations
    • Explain each step in solving an equation
    • Solve linear equations and one-variable inequalities (including equations with non-numeric coefficients)
    • Solve quadratic equations
      • Completing the square
      • Taking square roots
      • Factoring
      • Quadratic formula (including complex roots)
  • Represent and solve equations and inequalities graphically
    • Graph equations in two-variables in the coordinate plane
    • Explain why points of intersection are solutions to systems of equations; find the solutions approximately
    • Graph and interpret systems of inequalities
  • Interpret the structure of expressions
    • Break down expressions into terms, factors, and coefficients
    • Re-write expressions into equivalent forms (factoring, etc.)

Functions (35%)

  • Understand the concept of a function and use function notation
    • Explain how the domain of a function maps to the range
    • Use function notation
    • Evaluate functions and interpret statements that use function notation (e.g. f(3) )
    • Understand that sequences are functions; use sequences
  • Interpret functions in context
    • Interpret key features of graphs and tables; sketch graphs; use terms such as intercepts, increasing/decreasing, positive/negative, maximum/minimum, symmetry, end behavior, periodicity
    • Identify domain and range of a function in context
    • Calculate and interpret rate of change (slope) of a function (symbolically or froma graph)

Statistics & Probability / Number & Quantity (25%)

  • Model quantities and data sets with appropriate units, with appropriate precision
  • Interpret linear models
    • Interpret slope and intercept of a linear model
    • Compute and interpret correlation coefficient of a linear fit
    • Distinguish between correlation and causation

Resources for Algebra I Review

Louisiana Algebra I EOC Sample Test Items

Louisiana Constructed Response Items:  Water Spray; Falling Rock Function

North Carolina Released Algebra I EOC with answer key

Sample Algebra I EOC – Dade Schools

Function Carnival – practice using functions to represent actual situations

ck12 Online Algebra Textbook – lots of examples and problems

Khan Academy – video tutorials and practice problems on fundamental skills

Illustrative Mathematics – good sample problems in Algebra, Number and Quantity, Functions, and Statistics & Probability.  (NOTE: Some of these are Algebra 2 standards, so be sure to choose Algebra I content.)

Math Warehouse – Math lessons and practice on all Algebra I topics.

Opus Math – scroll down to the Algebra and Function standards for lots of sample questions.

Iowa Algebra I Released Test Items – good practice, and feedback for right/wrong answers

Algebra I EOC Practice from Oconee Schools

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