Electric Field Visualizer

In teaching about electric field vectors, field lines, and equipotential lines in Physics E&M, a piece of software called “EMField” was used in some of the Modeling materials.  This software will no longer run on modern operating systems, so I developed a browser-based replacement.


Electric Field Visualization Applet

The following student-exploration worksheet is based on Unit 1 – Worksheet 3a from the Modeling E&M materials, but I thought I would provide it here in case teachers wanted to use it.  The directions are not very refined, but it is a start… 12_E1_ws4a_EMField-jstark

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  1. Hi,
    I was using your EM Field this morning. I have a question. If I use the button that has a vertical line on it to add charges, is this an infinite Line of charge tool or an infinite sheet of charge tool?

  2. It is just a line of charges. It approximates an infinite line, as the line of charges extends beyond the viewport, but it is actually a finite line. Hope that clears up any confusion.

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