Wall-Size Periodic Table

I’ve produced a printable periodic table for posting on the wall in my classroom (updated April 2017). I thought other teachers might wish to do the same, so I’m making it available here.

This version is designed to be printed in color on 4×6 photo paper (I chose matte finish for less glare, but glossy might work too).  I had mine printed at Amazon Prints for about $11.00, though many local or chain shops may have special deals that would allow you to get this printed pretty cheaply. Each individual element block is then taped together on the back or glued onto a backing material. The final dimensions are about 6 feet wide and 3-4 feet tall.

The periodic table features include:

  • Element name, symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass
    • Includes updated names and symbols adopted by IUPAC through 2016
  • Common ions for most elements
  • Color-coded background for element families/groups
  • Symbols in black (solid), blue (liquid), or red (gas) elements (at room temp.) Synthetic elements are in gray.
  • Group numbers above each column (1 – 18)

To print your own, here is a zip file of jpeg photos that you can upload or bring to your photo printer:

Periodic Table Images ZIP file

The source files used to produce the images are provided here should you want to make any adjustments.  The element database is an excel file, which is used in combination with word’s mail merge capabilities.




Note: images were produced by first saving the merged word document as a PDF and then using ImageMagick command:

magick.exe -density 300 PT-4x6-Color-Merged.pdf[0-117] 
-background white -alpha remove -resize 770x996 -gravity
center -extent 800x1200 element.jpg

Version 1.0

My previous classroom had a very large blank wall to accommodate a very large periodic table.  This is how it looked in my classroom.

The data is mostly based on the information in the element data base downloaded from Central High School’s website in St. Paul, MN, with a few corrections and additions from Wikipedia.org and WebElements.com.

The Periodic Table

Here are the printable versions:

Periodic Table – Merged (MS Word .doc)

Periodic Table – Merged (PDF)

UPDATE:  I’ve since created a version with two elements to a page so it’s not quite as huge.

Merged-half-page (MS Word .docx)

Source Files

These files were used to produce the periodic table using MS Word’s mail merge capabilities. Should you like to change it to your liking, you can download these files and produce your own.

PT Element Data Base (MS Excel .xls)

PT Mail Merge Template (MS Word .doc)

PT Mail Merge Template – half page (MS Word .doc)

  1. Lora Richardson

    This is a great resource. Thank you so much! I have been looking for a larger version of the periodic table that I currently have. This will allow my students to create the periodic table!

  2. Richard Pilny

    Currently having my lab rebuilt ENTIRELY. Headmaster wants the room to be a showcase. Old, well-used Periodic Tables are no longer acceptable. This is a neat idea. Bet I can find some students to help with the project!

  3. Leah

    This is a wonderful and well planned idea! I’d like to use the half-page format for my one of small classroom’s walls. However, I download the file and it gives me the full size version. Any ideas?

    • Jason

      It does appear that each element is a whole page, but Word is set to “2 Pages per sheet” so when it’s printed, it will appear correctly.

  4. Leigh Ann Darilek

    First year teaching science. Previously taught reading. I love that this is interactive and versatile. Thanks for sharing and helping start the year off right.

  5. Stacie

    Do you have a control somewhere that identifies which colors correspond, etc? I’d like to post something with the table on the wall.

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