Graphing Calculator Alternatives

Below are a set of alternatives to a TI-84 graphing calculator.  Whether you have a computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, there are many options for you.


Desmos – this can do some pretty cool things.  Check it out.

Windows PC Computer

Follow these instructions to install Wabbit-emu, a TI-84 calculator emulator. (Instructions courtesy of Brockport Central School District).


None of these have been tested by me personally, but the reviews are solid:

Free Graphing Calculator (free)

Quick Graph: Your Scientific Graphing Calculator (free)


Algeo Graphing Calculator (free)

Wabbit Emu (app) TI-84+ emulator, requires a calculator ROM file

Andie Graph (another TI-83 emulator, but requires some work to set up)

Mac Computer

See Mr. Cheng’s site for instructions

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