Webcam Viewer

I’ve previously posted about my under-$50 “homemade” document camera. I recommended installing a simple program to display the webcam’s output to the screen. However, recent security “improvements” in my school district have prevented me from installing or running such software (not to mention the program I recommended, fscamview, hasn’t been updated in many years and may not be compatible with Windows 10).

As a workaround, I learned that I could create a simple webpage to display the webcam. Webcam images are not sent to my server–your browser simply displays your webcam image so you can project the image to a screen in your classroom or share the browser tab with students on Zoom, Meet, or Teams.

Student Surveys

Every year, I give my students a survey to fill out on the first day of school.  Most of my upperclassmen I’ve taught before or at least interacted with them somehow around school, so I at least know a little about them.  The freshmen, however, are often new to me, so the surveys are often helpful.  A secondary, ulterior motive for the surveys is their entertainment value for me.  You’ll see what I mean.

A job or career I think I would enjoy is becoming a businessman because I think I would do good at agreeing and such things.

My goal for the coming year is to approve my grades.

A job or career I think I would enjoy is a salesperson because they seem to have a lot of fun.

One thing I want my teachers to know about me is I get mad very fast.  So don’t talk to me any kinds of way.

My favorite subject in school is lunch because I love to eat.

A job or career I think I would enjoy is to work at Wendy’s because I would have free food.

One thing I want my teachers to know about me is I may fall asleep in class.  It’s hard to stay awake when I’m bored.

My favorite subject in school is World Geography because the teacher is hot.

My favorite subject in school is English because you can have fun while you learning and without English you really wouldn’t know how to talk correct.