Track Meet Tools

Scoring Program

As a new track coach responsible for hosting and running a track meet, one of the biggest concerns is keeping up with results and scoring as events are completed and score cards come in.  As I didn’t really want to do all the scoring by hand and also didn’t have the time or resources to invest in track meet management software, I adapted an excel spreadsheet to do this task. It’s based on a much simpler version by Berkshire Sports.  Basically, you put in results as they come in and the spreadsheet will keep track of team scores and outstanding individuals in track and field.

Track.Meet Results & Scoring Program (current version)

The current version (updated June 2015) updates team scores automatically after each change.  Please report any problems you may have in the comments below.

Google Sheets Version

Older Version (Excel ’97 compatible)

Track Meet Results & Scoring Program (older version)

Note: For the “update” button to work and determine team scores, macros must be enabled.  Sometimes, security settings prevent this from working, so you can just right-click on the table itself and choose “Refresh” to update the team data.

Recommended alternative: I recently used and Racetab to manage our parish track meet.   See my post on the topic for more.

Scoring Cards

Also, here are a set of scoring cards I put together for our meet.  The file includes cards for races with multiple heats, other race entry forms, throwing field events, and jumping field events.  There are no finals included in any of the cards, but that could be added without too much trouble.

Track Score Cards (Word .doc)

Track Score Cards (PDF)